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Crystal Formations & How to Use Them

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Crystals come in all different shapes and sizes, some naturally occurring and some cut by hand, and it can be a little confusing, especially if you're just starting out, as to what formations are suitable for different uses. Knowing  the basic properties of a variety of commonly available shapes and formations can help you to gain the maximum benefit from the pieces in your collection.



Lots of crystals, especially those of the Quartz family like Clear Quartz or Amethyst, grow into points with naturally occurring facets. Quartz is often cut into a point to mimic the natural formation. Crystal points can be used to direct energy. Pointing away from the body they will draw energy off and pointed inwards they will channel energy towards the body.



Crystal wands have the ability to focus and direct energy through their tip and can be programmed with intention for healing or magical purposes. 



Double terminated crystals can be naturally occurring or artificially shaped and have a pointed termination at both ends. DT points exchange energy as they can flow energy in both directions simultaneously restoring balance and integrating energy.



A crystal cluster has many points bedded, but not necessarily firmly attached, to a base rock. The individual crystals may vary in size. Clusters are multi-directional, absorbing stagnant or unwanted energy from the environment they are in and radiating beneficial energy outwards. Crystal clusters are particularly suitable for energising a living or healing space.



In a geode, inward pointing crystals are contained within an outer shell which makes them suited to holding and amplifying energy within their form. They diffuse energy throughout their many terminations and allow it to flow gently out into the environment. Geodes are useful for protection, reflection and inner work.



Amorphous crystals, such as Obsidian, have no specific shape or formation which allows energy to flow quickly through their body as they have no internal structure. These type of crystals tend to be strong and fast acting.



Crystal Spheres are shaped from larger pieces or crystals and can have interesting planes or internal patterning. The emit energy in all directions and can be used as a 'window' for divination, a practice known as scrying.



A pyramid crystal has four sides on a base and can be naturally occurring (as in Apophyllite) or artificially cut. Pyramids amplify and focus energy through their apex making them excellent for manifestation. 



Egg shaped crystals are ideal for use in healing as they confine and shape energy. They can be used to detect and rebalance energy blockages in the body and make handy massage tools.



Cubic crystals, such as Fluorite and Pyrite, are able to consolidate energy making them ideal for anchoring intention and for grounding. They are also able to draw off and transmute negative energy. 

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