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Azurite ranges in colour from deepest indigo through bright azure to pale blue and forms a matrix of tiny crystals. Often found in combination with Malachite and sourced from Russia, Chile, Australia, USA, Namibia and Egypt.

Azurite rapidly dissolves deep rooted fears and phobias, drawing out traumatic memories or held stresses allowing them to be released and bringing comprehension and understanding. Azurite is a stone of enlightenment, raising consciousness, strengthening intuition and encouraging us to let go of rigid belief systems and embrace the unknown. Azurite clears away worries, stress, grief and sadness transmuting negativity.

A very useful stone for all stress related dis-ease, Azurite cleanses the mind and mental processes and can help with a wide range of physical ailments including tinnitus, sore throats, stiff necks and hearing issues.

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