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Moon Cycle Crystals Mini Set

These crystals have been chosen for their association to different phases of the moon and will help support your connection to these natural lunar cycles from the reflection and introspection at the Dark Moon, through the rebirth and opportunity for new beginnings with the New Moon, through growth and transformation to the culmination and fruition of the Full Moon and the release of that which no longer serves you highest purpose.

These tumbled crystals come in their own handy drawstring pouch making it easy to carry them with you.

Super charge your lunar connection with these 5 beautiful crystals chosen for their association with the different moon phases -

- Black Obsidian - a stone of reflection and truth, Black Obsidian reveals what is hidden and needs to be released.

- Labradorite - strengthens the aura and protects against negativity. A stone of transformation which helps you see through illusions.

- Selenite - provides strong spiritual protection, absorbing negative vibes and restoring peace and harmony. Strongly connected to the Moon.

- Clear Quartz - restores clarity and removes energy blockages and obstacles to growth. A stone of amplification and light.

- Rainbow Moonstone - strongly connected to the Moon, Moonstone brings emotional balance, restores feminine power and encourages growth.

Each individual crystal measures approximately 20-30mm in size The crystals you receive may vary from those shown but will be of comparable size and quality