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I'm really excited to have you here. I created Earthlight Crystals in 2012 and embarked on an amazing journey. For many years I was searching for a personal, meaningful connection with nature and the Earth which utilised the beneficial energies of the plant & mineral kingdoms in maintaining harmony and balance in my life.  

My love of crystals began with the window display in a local crystal shop I passed daily on my way to work and I started collecting crystals many years before I began seriously working with them. Their natural beauty and vibrancy drew me in a way that only fellow crystal lovers will understand and I wanted to learn more about their beneficial properties so I started out with a basic Diploma in Crystal Therapy. 

Since then I have studied and gained qualifications in many energy healing modalities including Reiki, Advanced Crystal Healing, Colour Therapy, Herbalism, Flower Remedies and Access Consciousness. Everything in my shop has been specifically chosen by me to empower, inspire and support you on your own spiritual journey.

Earthlight Crystals is a one-woman show. I lovingly create, design, pack and ship each and every parcel (with a little help from my beautiful daughter who is my inspiration and the light of my life).

If you would like advice or information regarding which stones or essences would be particularly beneficial for your individual requirements feel free to get in touch. I love putting together bespoke packages combining my knowledge of the energy healing modalities I work with to create something special just for you or a loved one. 

I hope you enjoy browsing the shop. I'm constantly adding new treasures to the store so if you want to stay updated with new arrivals and special offers you can sign up to receive my newsletter at the bottom of the page or follow me on Instagram at

With ease & gratitude,

Clair xo