Can you advise me which stones would be beneficial for me?

I am always happy to give advice regarding which stones can offer you support and healing for your specific needs or purpose. Drop me an email at info@earthlightcrystals.shop with some details. Please allow me some time to respond. If your query is urgent I will do my best to get back to you quickly.


Where should I keep my crystals?

Most crystals are very happy to sit on a sunny windowsill, a bookshelf, coffee table, a desk or bedside table. The closer they are to you the more benefit you will get from them. Please be aware that certain stones, like Amethyst, will fade if left in bright sunlight and that a Quartz Sphere in bright sunlight can act as a lens and can be a fire hazard. If in doubt keep them out of the sun. 


How often should I cleanse my crystals?

As often as you like, there's no hard and fast rule. If you're using them intensively for healing purposes then between each use is a must but for personal use once every few weeks is usually enough. Anytime you feel a particular stone has lost its brightness, lustre or feels heavy and dull it probably needs cleansing. (See my Guidance & Information pages for further information on cleansing)


How should I use crystals? 

There is no WRONG way to use crystals. Use your instinct and trust your knowing. There's lots of conflicting information out there in books and on the internet from crystal 'experts' but everyone experiences crystal energy slightly differently so my biggest piece of advice if you're just starting out on your crystal journey is to trust yourself. There are however some great books which I would recommend. (Check out my Guidance & Information pages for my suggested reading list.)



How quickly will my order ship?

Usually orders will be shipped the next working day. I try to make a post run every day except Wednesday and Sunday when my local post office is closed.


Can I exchange or return my order?

I'm very happy to accept returns or exchanges as long as the piece is returned to me in it's original condition. Buyers are responsible for the return postage costs. Please ensure the item is securely wrapped in protective packaging. As soon as I receive your parcel and have checked the condition of the item I will issue a refund. Before posting an item back to me please email me with your order number so that I know to expect it. I do advise getting proof of posting from your post office just in case. 


Will I have to pay import tax or duty?

If you are not in the UK you might have to pay a small customs fee depending on the total value of your purchase. I am not responsible for delays in processing your parcel through customs, this is out of my control and you, the buyer are responsible for any local charges that are applied.


Will I be able to track my order?

Standard International Shipping does not have an end to end tracking facility. If you would like to upgrade your order to Tracked Shipping please select this option at the checkout. It does cost a little more. I will provide you with a tracking number for your parcel as soon as I receive this information from the post office. It can take up to the next day for me to receive this information and be able to pass it on to you. 


If you have any questions about your order please contact me on info@earthlightcrystals.shop