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Amazonite Point - AZD
Amazonite Point - AZD

Amazonite Point - AZD

Crystal Points make great display pieces and are a lovely addition to any crystal collection. Place them in a room or living space to benefit from their healing energy. Perfect to hold in your hand during meditation or as a centre piece in crystal grid work.

This beautiful Amazonite Point measures 78mm tall.


Amazonite is a lovely blue and green stone often streaked with white. It is an extremely soothing crystal and is believed to calm the brain and nervous system.
Amazonite is said to dispel negative energy and to improve confidence, leadership and communication. It is a useful stone to wear or carry if you have to face a challenging situation, have a difficult question to ask or have to speak in public. It is a good stone for writers and artists as it is thought to enhance self-expression and creativity. It can also be an aid to seeing both sides of a problem and in analysing and sorting out information.

Amazonite filters information through the mind combining it with intuition and inner knowing stimulating clairvoyant ability and helping to dispel any harmful tendencies; as well as working with natural forces and in contacting both water and earth spirits.

Wear Amazonite in rituals where justice is key, when you need to be able to stand up for an important belief. When amidst others who may be confused or divided on priorities, Amazonite will help you assert a leadership role and assist in bringing forth the balance of many points of view.