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Angelic Gifts Essence Spray - 50ml

Angelic Gifts Essence Spray - 50ml

Use this spray to help you receive inspiration, illumination and guidance from the Angelic Realms

  • Provides a focus for connection with the Angels
  • Opens the receptive pathways for inspiration and guidance
  • Strengthens vibrational alignment

Inspiration, illumination and guidance for our life’s path and the challenges we face on it are readily available from the Angelic Realms if we remember to ask for it.

The Angels can best help us when we align our vibration with theirs by listening for their gentle promptings with love and gratitude in our hearts.

Use this spray to help bring you into greater vibrational alignment with the Angelic Realms and to be open to receive the gifts of their love, light and wisdom to assist you see the higher plan of your life.