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Apatite Point - APB
Apatite Point - APB

Apatite Point - APB

Crystal Points are a great addition to any crystal collection.
Stand them by your bedside while you sleep, on your desk while you work or hold in your hands during meditation. Use them as a centre piece for crystal grid work or simply as a beautiful display piece.

This beautiful Apatite point measures 89mm tall.


Apatite is said to enhance insight, imagination, creativity, and learning boosting self confidence and stimulating the intellect. Apatite creates a willingness to let go of people, objects, and situations that no longer serve. Apatite is said to assist in restoring clear thinking and enhancing deep states of meditation and reflection. Continued use of Apatite enhances psychic abilities, bringing in higher energies and producing a spiritual state of unconditional love.