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Blue Obsidian Egg - BLA

Blue Obsidian Egg - BLA

Egg shaped crystals are ideal for use in healing as they confine and shape energy.
They can be used to detect and rebalance energy blockages in the body and make handy massage tools.

This beautiful Blue Obsidian Egg measures 48mm tall x 35mm wide and comes with a display stand as shown.


Blue Obsidian activates the throat chakra. It is a stone that aids astral travel and enhances telepathic communications. It is a stone used in healing as it opens up the aura in readiness to receive the healing energy. It is also good for Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia Blue Obsidian can cool inflammation and absorbs pain. It is also thought to enhance Reiki Healing encouraging the energy flow.

Please note - Blue Obsidian is a man made stone