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Green Aventurine Point - GAB
Green Aventurine Point - GAB

Green Aventurine Point - GAB

This beautiful Green Aventurine Point measures 76mm tall

Crystal Points are always a favourite piece in any crystal collection.
Use them as the centre piece for a crystal grid, to direct energy or as a focal piece for a terrarium or altar.
Points are great for altering the energy in a room or healing space as they focus energy through their apex.
They are perfect to hold in your hand during meditation and make lovely display pieces.


Green Aventurine is a gentle supporting and comforting stone. It is a good all round healer and can calm anger and irritation while stimulating emotional recovery. Green Aventurine can reinforce leadership qualities and decisiveness and can help us to see alternatives and possibilities, gently encouraging us to persevere. It is a good stone for those pushing themselves outside their comfort zone. Green Aventurine can reduce anxiety and fears and can be soothing and calming for claustrophobia. Green Aventurine is one of the best overall balancing stones for the Heart Chakra because it acts gently without causing any turbulence.