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Lapis Lazuli Crystal Essence

Gem & Crystal Essences work deeply into patterns & issues and will often carry an energetic resonance that will remind your subtle energy bodies how to be in balance and healthy. Each Essence holds a particular vibrational frequency or energy which helps to release & re-balance old patterns, energies, thoughts & emotions.

Choose from 10ml or 25ml size

Lapis Lazuli stimulates the higher levels of the mind encouraging clarity and objectivity. It is also believed to allow the release of stress bringing deep inner peace. Lapis Lazuli helps those who have shy, introverted or retiring personalities through its ability to stimulate spiritual & personal self-expression. It also promotes the release of buried emotions and hidden fears. Lapis Lazuli is said to facilitate self-knowledge and self-expression and to enhance psychic ability and spiritual insight. Lapis Lazuli balances the Throat & Third Eye Chakras and is believed to help overcome depression, lower blood pressure and to boost the immune system and the thyroid. Lapis Lazuli is also said to be beneficial for alleviating migraine headaches and insomnia.


Take 4 drops on the tongue from your chosen essence between 2 & 4 x a day, continuing until the bottle is finished. For best results take straight from the stock bottle sent, do not dilute. Preferably take 10 minutes away from food and drink.