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Mookaite Palm Stone - MKA
Mookaite Palm Stone - MKA

Mookaite Palm Stone - MKA

Crystal Palm Stones are a lovely tactile shape to hold in your hand during meditation or healing and make great gifts for yourself or a loved one.
This smooth polished palm stone measures approximately 57mm x 44mm


Mookaite is a single location stone found only in Western Australia near the Mooka Creek from which this stone takes its name and occurs in shades of burgundy, brown through to orange, mustard yellow and cream.

Mookaite's energy is more stimulating than others in the Jasper family. A supportive stone when embarking on a new project or chapter, Mookaite helps you to find a secure footing, roll with the changes and instils flexibility and adaptability. It boosts motivation and helps clarify intention and purpose. Mookaite enhances ancestral connection and exploration of past lives.

Mookaite increases awareness and aids body mindfulness, a useful companion if you are watching your diet. Mookaite boosts digestive health and supports the reproductive organs.