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Selenite & White Sage Jumbo Smudge Set

Cleansing crystals regularly is really important, especially if you are using them for healing applications, as they will absorb energy from everyone they come into contact with and from the environment they are in. Crystals are tools and if you want them to work at their optimum vibration for you then regular cleansing is essential. One of the easiest ways to do this is using White Sage or Palo Santo for purification. Simply pass your stones through the smoke a couple of times and your crystals will be cleansed and ready to get to work again. Placing your crystals in contact with Selenite will absorb negative and unwanted energies. Smudging is also great for energetic cleansing of your home, living and healing spaces. You will receive ~ 1 x Raw Selenite stick measuring 20cm 1 x White Sage bundle measuring 20cm