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Simbircite Crystal Sphere - SM2

This unusual sphere measures approximately 60mm in diameter and comes with a display stand.

Simbircite is an ancient stone named for its origin near the Russian city of Simbirsk (Ulianovsk). Over 80 million years crystals of Calcite, Aragonite, Pyrite, Marl, Chabazite and Quartz filled the empty spaces in huge ammonites creating unique patterns and colours ranging from deep amber to chocolate brown. The stone contains the fossilised remains of ancient sea life. Simbircite is a warming stone which brings energy, prosperity, wellbeing and happiness. It is considered that Simbircite promotes accumulation of life force energy and absorbs negative energy, helping to overcome indecision, doubt and suspicion. It is a stone of self assurance alleviating fear, calming and clearing the mind and strengthening memory.